London on a double-bike

On sunday the 10th of June I left my parents place on a double-bike. Together with a friend we cycled to Zwolle, took a train and prepared ourselves in the evening for a trip to London. As we took the boat to Harwich the next day I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t visited England before.

As we talked with locals it turns out it’s much more enjoyable if you take the small hilly roads towards your destination.

Holiday to Denmark, Berlin and the south of France

i’ve been on holiday for most the past month. The urge to travel has been growing since a few years, and this year I’ve been to several new cities in Europe. After the QS Conference in San Francisco in June, I came back, only to pack my bags once again to hop on a bus to Denmark. My father organises a yearly travel group to the Haervejsmarchen. Together with Chantal we joined him!

An interview for the Perfect Human and other publications

Two months ago I spent some time before a camera for a documentary series of the VPRO. The series is called The Perfect Human and explores how technology helps us create a better being. My project with Colliers: The Quantified Workplace is highlighted in the interview. You can watch it online here. At the end of the past year, I spend an afternoon at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, to contribute towards a document about e-Health.

Something's brewing!

And it’s beer! Well it’s stored now and bubbling away! Yesterday afternoon I’ve brewed my first batch of beer. With the gear and knowledge of a friend, we manufactured 48 liters of pale ale. The sunny afternoon also was a perfect opportunity for my new camera, so I took some tests shots. Here’s the brewery in my backyard: The recipe we decided on included star-anise and lemongrass. Sadly the coriander seeds got lost and we skipped those.

Lago di Garda

8:36pm, a 2014 video!

3 Years of computing

This picture below might seem blurry to you, and indeed it is, but for me it is a significant picture that reflect 3 years of working behind my computer.

I’ve been running the Lifeslice program for over 3 years now and I thought it was about time to do something with it! The picture above is generated with over 4000 webcamshots taken during that time. There’s a trove of other data in too.

Lessons learned building Django projects: 2

As of recently I’ve started my graduation phase of my current study. I’ve managed to get my own project in for my graduation thesis, which means I’ll be spending more time developing with Django. This post is more of a reminder of the things I’ve learned so far… The previous post can be read here. The inspectdb tool is priceless when using other databases in which you have no schema’s yet!

From east to west in The Netherlands

It’s holiday, and I’ve spend most of my time last month in The Netherlands hiking. From the east to the west, to complement what we did two years ago. And I wanted to share some pictures of my adventure:

In 19 days we hiked over 360 kilometers, staying at farmers, friends, campinggrounds or somewhere else. It was a blast! We’ll see where we end up next year! For those interested, the route is called the Marskramerspad.

Quantified Self Europe Conference #3

Last weekend I spend my time at the Casa400 hotel for the Quantified Self Europe Conference. With around 250 attendees and 30% of the people giving a talk, you could truly say that’s been an carefully curated unconference. I gave a lunch-time ignite talk about my project Qount.us and people liked it! Hopefully the video will be up soon. And I pre-ordered a few Vitalconnect patches for experimenting, including Thought Kinetics.