The curious corner on video

I’ve curated 6 editions of the Curious Corner of the Internet until this day. It started out as an experiment of just showing my saved-for-later links in a presentation. The newsletter essentially was a second format, and I didn’t explore my chances for a talk much further. Until now, during the Week for the Entrepreneur in the Netherlands, that I’d give it another shot. Sadly, it’s in dutch, but here’s the video:

Taping interviews

Cooking up and getting down in Chemistry

I made a small visit to Paris at the start of November and I had the opportunity to visit the Lab Store. I’ve read about the concept in a book called The Lab that I’ve bought during my first visit to San Francisco. It’s just pure luck that I come across that book in a little bookstore, but it feels like the adventure is just about to start.. While visiting the Lab Store I had to buy one of the Le Whaf’s.

The Curious Corner of the Internet

I’ve been walking around with a newsletter idea for some months now. It all started at Permanent Beta where I gave a talk together with my twin. Basically it wasn’t really a talk, just a roadshow of awesome stuff we come across on our daily surf on the web. The audience loved it! Why not curate this content into a newsletter? That’s just what I did with The Curious Corner of the Internet, a monthly newsletter stocked with the stuff I find during that last month.

Twins in New York!

Being in de United States is a perfect excuse for visiting my brother! After enjoying a 5 hour flight (with wifi!) and a delayed subway ride: here’s the two of us before the skyline of New York City: I’ve had 8 days to explore the city, mostly by foot and metro. The first I found the most enjoyable, while the latter turned out to be faster most of the time.

San Francisco and #QS13

Taking a week off from my study, hopping on the plane to San Francisco on monday morning at 10 o’clock. Arrived at noon and we managed to hack our way into the AirBnB place. Uptime: 24 hours. Grab a beer with Yuri and Peter. Decide to visit the Apple Store and do some misc shopping. Italian dinner. Crash on a couch. Conclusion: way better then classes I’m supposed to be in.

Late night TekTok, talking QS and education

Diving into hardware!

A small bite of news

Pecha Kucha about The Quantified Self and Permanent Beta