San Francisco and #QS13

Taking a week off from my study, hopping on the plane to San Francisco on monday morning at 10 o’clock. Arrived at noon and we managed to hack our way into the AirBnB place. Uptime: 24 hours. Grab a beer with Yuri and Peter. Decide to visit the Apple Store and do some misc shopping. Italian dinner. Crash on a couch. Conclusion: way better then classes I’m supposed to be in. And what about the view:

Nop Hill

We stayed at Nop Hill for the first 2 nights. After that, we moved to the Inn at Presidio, an old navy base. They left the entire nature untouched and we had a great venue. With a 20 minute walk, we had a great view of the Golden Gate bridge:

Golden Gate Bridge

Ofcourse, the main point in visiting San Francisco was the Quantified Self Conference. We had a great venue and 400 people in the same place talking about QS is just the place I wanted to be in! People running around with sensors, google glasses or any other technology could fit right in. Key takeaways of the conference were summarized by Kevin Kelly and we had a great session about the future of QS in 10 and 100 years.

I had a blast at the conference and jumped on the plane next morning to New York to visit my brother, the next blog is gonna be about that!