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I bougth a 3D printer together with my brother. It’s not new technology, but it’s at a place where it’s solid and developed enough that I chose to buy one. That way I can spend my time with one as efficiently as possible, while developing new skills! As for what you can do with it? Fixing stuff for example, a custom bracket that broke in one of my kitchen appliances is now easily fixable by measuring the broken part en replicating it in 3D software like Fusion360.


At one of the stands of a flea market during Kingsday here in the Netherlands, I found an old plane. And for only 2 euro I couldn’t leave it behind. I took it on me to restore it to its former glory. First step, dismantle the broken off handle, removing any drops of paint and cleaning the chisel from all the rust. I also took measurements of the old handle and started designing that in Fusion 360.


Past week we spend a day at a brewery! We made a new batch for our breweryNooitgedacht. We improved our recipe of our tripel and you can now fund our brewery buy pre-ordering a crate of beer trough Kratfunding, we only ship to the Netherlands currently! Our plan is to use Kratfunding in a way to organise enough money to be self-sufficient as a brewery. And as an organization we want to enable more homebrewers to scale up more easily.


Last year before I went on holiday to Portugal I had the opportunity to give a talk at the Quantified Self 2017 Conference in Amsterdam. I decided just the night before to talk about how much I use my phone (or better how much I shouldn't use it!). The wonderful folks over at QS Labs created a page with all the videos with transcripts. I've embedded my video below:


This weekend I spend my time on electronics, with a specific goal in mind, automating the tracking of a fermentation vessel that I use for brewing. My starting point was a Wemos D1 mini lite, which is a cheap arduino compatible chip with wifi options. I wanted to track how many bubbles we're sent past the airlock and also needed a photo interupter gate. So in the end everything is pretty cheap and I only needed some more LEDs, an enclosure, spare wires and some free time!


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Ambassador for the Digital Society School Amsterdam

In 2018 - 2019 I am one of the ambassadors for the Digital Society School located in Amsterdam

Brouwerij Nooitgedacht

A small craft-beer brewery that I started together with a group of friends.

The Curious Corner of the Internet

A wannabe monthly newsletter curated with the most interesting stuff I find on the web.

Permanent Beta

For the Permanent Beta community I build tools that help them organize the community in a more fluid way.

Berichtenbox Forwarder

A small solution to a big problem that all people run into that live in The Netherlands.


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