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Since a month I own a small 3D printer: the Prusa Mini. I’ve printed almost half my current spool of filament and I can say I love the way the Prusa Mini works for me. Once of the upgrades I have done is move towards Octoprint for my workflow, this allows me to connect everything together from my own computer. Here’s how it works: I design a component or body with Fusion 360, and in the ‘Make’ menu option I choose to pass the file to the Prusa Slicer application In Prusa Slicer I configure any supports required or tweak any print settings. continue reading...

I’ve published my first library to PyPi! It is a simple utility function you can use in micropython to build menus for LCD displays. I was used to the Liquid Crystal and Liquid Menu while developing on an Arduino. When I made the switch towards micropython I saw no such thing existed. But having a statemachine like menu is quite easy in Python and I wanted to abstract it a bit into a library, this way it is easier to use for other people! continue reading...

Inspired by a few blogs that I follow I wanted to share my current setup for Python projects that I use personally. This setup might vary based on clients that I have, but for my own projects this is what I mostly use: iTerm, zsh & oh-my-zsh with my own coloured theme. VSCode, with the following plugins: Python for VSCode autopep8 Bracket pair colorizer 2 Indent rainbow Git Lens Virtualenv (with virtualenvwrapper) All environments are saved in the ~/. continue reading...

Today marks something special. Ten years ago, inspired by Buster Benson I started taking a picture at 8:36pm every day. A simple thing you might think, but in the end I kept doing it and to this day I still do. Keeping a habit for 10 years makes it a bit extraordinairy and I can say I will continue taking a picture! Below you will find this years movie of all the photos I took. continue reading...

In this part of building my own automated brewery I want to focus on something I have never done before. And that this: Designing my own PCB (printed circuit board) is something I was fascinated in for some time, but I always thought of it as somthing very complex and hard to learn. Luckily I got introducted to EasyEDA by my brother and spend a few afternoons watching video tutorials. After rummaging around a bit and some frustration I ordered my first board. continue reading...

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Simple inventory management tool build with Python & Django


Eerste hulp bij abonnementen offers a data-based recommendations train travel subscriptions.


A little web application that pulls in data from Workflowy to make it more understandable

Ambassador for the Digital Society School Amsterdam

In 2018 - 2019 I am one of the ambassadors for the Digital Society School located in Amsterdam

Sous-vide Rice Cooker

I modified my rice-cooker so I can use it as a sous-vide apparatus.

DIY Longboard

I created my own longboard from scratch (with a Mondrian pattern on the back).

De Padvinders

Go find a geek. Someone who understands Gmail, Outlook, and other basic tools. Pay him to sit next to you for an hour and watch you work. Then say, ‘tell me five ways I can save an hour a day.’ Whatever you need to pay for this service, it will pay for itself in a week. ~ Seth Godin


Input your name and get your own personalized Mondrian!

Berichtenbox Forwarder

A small utility that enables automagic fetching of messages of our government.


I co-founded the QS Amsterdam group & started the QS Conference in Europe.

Curious Corner

A (almost) monthly newsletter stocked with the stuff I find on the corners of the internet!

Brouwerij Nooitgedacht

Brouwerij Nooitgedacht is our brewery that I run together with friends.

Permanent Beta

For the Permanent Beta community I build tools that help them organize the community in a more fluid way.


How can we use personal data to improve the way we do our work? was a dashboard collecting personal data with a goal to increase insights that might boost the quality of life surrounding work.


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