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Strange times we live in these days. Staying at home does allow me to work on projects which have been slowly progressing over time. And one of those is the Ant PCB Maker. A CoreXY based small CNC mill that can make printed circuit boards (PCBs). Contrary to the guide I’ve decided to built mine a little bigger. This should allow me to create PCBs which are up to 200x200mm without any problems. continue reading...

Since a month I own a small 3D printer: the Prusa Mini. I’ve printed almost half my current spool of filament and I can say I love the way the Prusa Mini works for me. Once of the upgrades I have done is move towards Octoprint for my workflow, this allows me to connect everything together from my own computer. Here’s how it works: I design a component or body with Fusion 360, and in the ‘Make’ menu option I choose to pass the file to the Prusa Slicer application In Prusa Slicer I configure any supports required or tweak any print settings. continue reading...

I’ve published my first library to PyPi! It is a simple utility function you can use in micropython to build menus for LCD displays. I was used to the Liquid Crystal and Liquid Menu while developing on an Arduino. When I made the switch towards micropython I saw no such thing existed. But having a statemachine like menu is quite easy in Python and I wanted to abstract it a bit into a library, this way it is easier to use for other people! continue reading...

Inspired by a few blogs that I follow I wanted to share my current setup for Python projects that I use personally. This setup might vary based on clients that I have, but for my own projects this is what I mostly use: iTerm, zsh & oh-my-zsh with my own coloured theme. VSCode, with the following plugins: Python for VSCode autopep8 Bracket pair colorizer 2 Indent rainbow Git Lens Virtualenv (with virtualenvwrapper) All environments are saved in the ~/. continue reading...

Today marks something special. Ten years ago, inspired by Buster Benson I started taking a picture at 8:36pm every day. A simple thing you might think, but in the end I kept doing it and to this day I still do. Keeping a habit for 10 years makes it a bit extraordinairy and I can say I will continue taking a picture! Below you will find this years movie of all the photos I took. continue reading...

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Simple inventory management tool build with Python & Django


Eerste hulp bij abonnementen offers a data-based recommendations train travel subscriptions.


A little web application that pulls in data from Workflowy to make it more understandable

Ambassador for the Digital Society School Amsterdam

In 2018 - 2019 I am one of the ambassadors for the Digital Society School located in Amsterdam

Sous-vide Rice Cooker

I modified my rice-cooker so I can use it as a sous-vide apparatus.

DIY Longboard

I created my own longboard from scratch (with a Mondrian pattern on the back).

De Padvinders

Go find a geek. Someone who understands Gmail, Outlook, and other basic tools. Pay him to sit next to you for an hour and watch you work. Then say, ‘tell me five ways I can save an hour a day.’ Whatever you need to pay for this service, it will pay for itself in a week. ~ Seth Godin


Input your name and get your own personalized Mondrian!

Berichtenbox Forwarder

A small utility that enables automagic fetching of messages of our government.


I co-founded the QS Amsterdam group & started the QS Conference in Europe.

Curious Corner

A (almost) monthly newsletter stocked with the stuff I find on the corners of the internet!

Brouwerij Nooitgedacht

Brouwerij Nooitgedacht is our brewery that I run together with friends.

Permanent Beta

For the Permanent Beta community I build tools that help them organize the community in a more fluid way.


How can we use personal data to improve the way we do our work? was a dashboard collecting personal data with a goal to increase insights that might boost the quality of life surrounding work.


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