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Boredom is something we all experience in different ways. And the solution isn’t always that easy. You might dwell for a certain amount of time on the couch.. Or restless as you are think about thinks you might want to do, but they never seem to come up. I think a certain part boredom is necessary to facilitate ideas and other serendipitous discoveries. However there might be times, in which you would like for the pure boredom to disappear.


One of my first projects for learning programming and navigating around the digitale sphere was building a visualization based on transport data. As I use public transport for all travel I naturally wanted to know how I spend my money on it. This question has been popping in and out of my mind ever since and more recently I had some time to tinker again. This time I was wonder if I could recommend subscriptions based on historical data from a person.


As we close out 2018 and start out the new year fresh, the one thing left to do is make a video of all the 8:36pm photos that I took that year. And when uploading this video I checked out when I started, which is 2010. Thus this marks the 10th year that I’m doing this… Here’s the video: Phew, racking in around 3000 photos so far… For all I can say is that I will probably be going somewhere with this.


I’ve recently gotten a new iPhone and with it some more stuff to tinker with. And one of those things is the ability to read NFC tags natively. Following the rabbit hole I ended up ordering a NFC reader. Albeit a simple one, it turns out it is flexible enought to read most cards and write some as well (and more if you have some time to spend..) Anyhow, one of the ideas I wanted to work out was the action of turning on an alarm automatically when touching a tag.


I bougth a 3D printer together with my brother. It’s not new technology, but it’s at a place where it’s solid and developed enough that I chose to buy one. That way I can spend my time with one as efficiently as possible, while developing new skills! As for what you can do with it? Fixing stuff for example, a custom bracket that broke in one of my kitchen appliances is now easily fixable by measuring the broken part en replicating it in 3D software like Fusion360.


Recent Projects

More Projects


Eerste hulp bij abonnementen offers a data-based recommendations train travel subscriptions.


A little web application that pulls in data from Workflowy to make it more understandable

Ambassador for the Digital Society School Amsterdam

In 2018 - 2019 I am one of the ambassadors for the Digital Society School located in Amsterdam

Sous-vide Rice Cooker

I modified my rice-cooker so I can use it as a sous-vide apparatus.

DIY Longboard

I created my own longboard from scratch (with a Mondrian pattern on the back).

De Padvinders

Go find a geek. Someone who understands Gmail, Outlook, and other basic tools. Pay him to sit next to you for an hour and watch you work. Then say, ‘tell me five ways I can save an hour a day.’ Whatever you need to pay for this service, it will pay for itself in a week. ~ Seth Godin


Input your name and get your own personalized Mondrian!

Berichtenbox Forwarder

A small utility that enables automagic fetching of messages of our government.


I co-founded the QS Amsterdam group & started the QS Conference in Europe.

Curious Corner

A (almost) monthly newsletter stocked with the stuff I find on the corners of the internet!

Brouwerij Nooitgedacht

Brouwerij Nooitgedacht is our brewery that I run together with friends.

Permanent Beta

For the Permanent Beta community I build tools that help them organize the community in a more fluid way.


How can we use personal data to improve the way we do our work? was a dashboard collecting personal data with a goal to increase insights that might boost the quality of life surrounding work.


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