I’ve worked with Tellart on the Dinner in 2050 installation for the UAE Pavilion. For COP28 the goal of this installation is to make people think about climate change in a very personal way.

Visitors would be asked to tell about their favorite dish which would then be transformed into a dish in 2050 with an ingredient swapped out that would have the most impact on climate change.

Dinner in 2050 Photo by Diana Kartasheva.

I’ve mostly worked on the technical side, working with AI like Whisper, Large Language Models (LLMs) and Diffusion Models. Connecting it all together while using Python, Touchdesigner and various protocols.


Tellart (NL) - Experience design
Tellart Productions (NL) - Media production
Resonate (SA) - Sound design
Nexus Studios (UK), directors Smith & Foulkes - 2D animation
Marshmallow Laser Feast (UK) - Interactive installation
Onion lab (ES) - Installation
YesYesNo (USA) - Interactive installation
Sisi (NL) - Lighting design
Joey L Lawrence (USA) - Photography
Joules Hagen (GER) - Director of photography
Maxence Peillon (FR) - Online VFX compositor
Lise Prud’Homme (NL) - Online VFX compositor
Will Judge (NL) - Offline editor
Nicholas Coleman (USA) - Colorist
Dominic Brancaleone (UK) - Editor
Matthew Herbert (UK) - Musical composition & soundscapes
Lest We Forget (UAE) - Archival research