ical2roam is a small web application that lets you convert iCal exports to a JSON file that can be used to import into Roam Research. That way you can import an entire calendar full of events into Roam Research while creating just a single node along each daily note.

You can customize the text for the events node and filter on date-ranges or text. This allows you to customize what you want to import into Roam Research

The usage is really simple:

  1. Create an export of your iCalendar to .ics format.
  2. Upload the .ics file to ical2roam.
  3. Specify the events node text (and include optional hashtags).
  4. Optionally filter the events and download the .json file,
  5. In Roam Research, click on import and select the .json file.
  6. Check if the preview matches what you expect.
  7. Bonus tip, you can try it out with a smaller amount of events first! Filter on a smaller date range!