The Curious Corner of the Internet

I’ve been walking around with a newsletter idea for some months now. It all started at Permanent Beta where I gave a talk together with my twin. Basically it wasn’t really a talk, just a roadshow of awesome stuff we come across on our daily surf on the web. The audience loved it! Why not curate this content into a newsletter?

That’s just what I did with The Curious Corner of the Internet, a monthly newsletter stocked with the stuff I find during that last month. However, curating would have taken a lot of my time if I didn’t find a way to manage it all. Coding to the rescue! A small Node.js app and bookmarklet for Chrome (or extension even) and within 2 hours I had a basic management system running. (code is up on github!)


I’ve send out the first edition at the beginning of this month and got another one lined up in a few days? Curious what it’ll bring? You can sign up here or in the sidebar next to this blogpost.

Next step: connecting the digital and physical worlds together, so if you have a place where I can share some of my daily reading material, let me know! Also, improving the code-base, adding a sufficient database and connecting it to Mailchimp and send my email directly from my system.