I'm often asked for a lecture or as a public speaker on topics like the Quantified Self, privacy & ethics and the democratization with technology. The length varies, depending on the time available I'm able to accommodate ideas in 10 minutes, or an in-depth view of the field in 45 minutes or more.

Joost Plattel - Speaking

Next to speaking about certain topics within technology. I also offer a burst of enthusiasm and inspiration based on my newsletter, just randomly dropping curious corners of the web in the space of 1 hour. Covering over 100 different pages guarantees at least 1 should be interesting!

Get in touch with me or book me trough Athenas.

What other people say about me:

Joost Plattel is a very enthousiastic and motivated speaker, a ambassador of the Quantified Self community. ~ Erdinç Saçan, Marketingfacts

Joost can't get enough of his own data. His story about the possibilities with the Quantified Self is fascinating and makes you wonder. ~ Chris van 't Hof, Tek-Tok