Below is my wishlist, if you want to trade something in return for something or support me you could help me with the following:

Physical stuff


  • Play a Hang
  • Underwater diving
  • Forge my own axe and/or blades

People already gave me

  • Every tool’s a hammer by Adam Savage
  • This puzzle (thanks Nathalie!)
  • The Cool Tools book, thanks Vitamine Communicatie!
  • The cooking book by Dali
  • Moebius Library: The World of Edena, thanks Daan!
  • Float in total darkness (thanks marjolein!)
  • Timothy Ferriss: Tools of Titans
  • Lacie Rugged Mini HD
  • Apple Remote (old one, not for the new apple TV)
  • A Buddha Machine thanks Elpine!
  • A Gerber multi-tool, thanks Casper!
  • 1Password License for Mac
  • Pulse Sensor for Arduino
  • A Grid It (Thanks, Santa!)
  • Dopper Steel (Thanks Eric!)
  • Soldering station thanks Wouter Groenewold!
  • Soft Brew Coffee pot, thank you Ilse!
  • Makey Makey, thanks Loes!
  • Neurosky Mindband A Zeo with a raw data library is better ;-)
  • Evernote Pro-account
  • Vibram Five Fingers Bikila (maatje 43) (Dankjewel @FiveFingersNL!)
  • Zeo Sleep Coach (Thanks Zeo!)
  • Help mij met mijn reis naar Amerika voor de Quantified Self Conference (Bedankt iedereen die heeft geholpen!)