Quantified Self Europe Conference #3

Last weekend I spend my time at the Casa400 hotel for the Quantified Self Europe Conference. With around 250 attendees and 30% of the people giving a talk, you could truly say that’s been an carefully curated unconference.

QS Europe Conference

I gave a lunch-time ignite talk about my project Qount.us and people liked it! Hopefully the video will be up soon. And I pre-ordered a few Vitalconnect patches for experimenting, including Thought Kinetics. And thanks to all the people I’ve been spending time with I’m getting on track for the Qount.us project and which way it is heading. For now I’ll have it planned for my graduation project.

As the organization of the conference has been moved to the QS Labs team, we plan to organize more of a social program next year with the QS Amsterdam team! Can’t wait for the next one!