January: Project Month

Before the start of this month, I made a commitment to myself to focus all of my attention to personal projects. Just in between clients I could focus purely on my own things! And when January got started, an idea started in my mind that I wanted to take 3 projects to make some progres on.

As it turned out, I worked on way more than 3 projects, still did some work for clients, but looking back at this month, I surely achieved making significant progres on at least 3 of my projects. And I’ve even been blogging more about them for sure! I want to highlight the 5 biggest things I’ve worked on this month:

The wearable keyboard

Most of my time I spend my month working on a wearable keyboard (which doesn’t have a project page here, as it’s only got a working title for now!). I’m up to version 10 at the moment and I’m shifting my focus from physical experience towards the digital. More electronics & software in the future!

Obsidian Query Plugin

As I wrote a couple of days ago, I just published my first Obsidian plugin. As an avid user of Obsidian I was missing a way to extract more knowledge out of my vault and this plugin is the start of answering that question!

Curious Corner ebook

Alright, I started with this idea last year, but I was lacking motivation to complete it. And to be honest, the anxiety of launching something that I have no experience with is kind of keeping me from it as wel.. But I did it! A big part of the history of the Curious Corner is now available in a single ebook/pdf for only $10!.

Ascaso PID Controller

The temperature probe of my Ascaso Dream broke down. And while I could order replacement parts I decided to go the other way around and create a PID controller as the new Ascaso also includes those (except way uglier!). I’ve created a PCB, wired everything for the temperature sensor and the display but still need to program the PID. And I’m wondering if wi-fi works in a cast-iron thingie… A well. More in a future blogpost!

Revising the electronics for the ANT PCB Maker

On the first of January I had a look at the ANT PCB Maker together with my brother. We still can’t get it to work somewhat stable and at the end of day 2 we decided to throw out the current setup of electronics and create a seperat compartment for all of it below the mill itself. The compartment is now ready and I can continue working on the electronics. More updates should follow this year! (including a redesigned Z-axis mount with support for Nema11 motors!).

Allright, those are projects that I’ve done this month! As we’re closing, I also want to note to myself I wrote 12 blogposts last year, right now I’m already up to 6 if I’m including this one. Keep up the pace!

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