Making a bluetooth Sudoku keyboard

My girlfriend loves to solves sudoku’s and most of the time she’s doing so on her iPhone.. As a belated birthday gift I made her a custom sudoku-keyboard with just 9 keys. Who needs more if you just want to do a sudoku right?

This was a perfect opportunity for me to dive some more into hardware and especially bluetooth things… The entire body is 3D printed and has threaded inserts with M3 screws and basic keycaps. After prototyping the electronics I soldered the keycaps together and tadaa:

When assembling the 3D printed body I had to stuff some wires in, but in the end everything worked! Ofcourse just having a 9-key keyboard is a perfect starter to get things going… I kinda got hooked on building custom keyboards… I’m blaming /r/MechanicalKeyboards… Ah welll more then enough ideas! And even with the ANT Pcb Maker it should be doable for me to even create custom pcbs!