Exploring wearable input devices

For years I’ve been exploring the internet for input devices. From keyboards to voice or gestured controlled ways to get thoughts out of my head as fast/good as it can be possible. I wanted to dive deeper into why this is important to me and why I’m interested in this space.

Traditionally pen & paper was the solution that was flexible enough. But it lacked the searchability and ways of exploring it on different tangents. Right now we’re mostly digital and rely on our keyboards to create mainly text.

Creative processes also moved to digital ways, using the iPad as entrypoint. With smart assistants even voice gets into the space as well, allowing you to draft notes with just your voice.

But I feel all off these lack one certain piece that even pen & paper don’t have; wearability. Yes, you can use your phone while walking, but you hit your head on a lamppost or get into an accident if you’re that focused. And how does that small keyboard even work ergonomically?

In the case you’re talking to your phone, just rambling ideas around in public spaces? I rather not do that.. Let alone you get any feedback if the note is taken correctly or if it supports multiple languages at the same time.

Thus, the way of getting thoughts out of our heads is still cumbersome! The bottleneck of input devices that support mobility and free your creativity instead of blocking it is something that I find interesting and currently an unsolved problem.

That is why I’m developing a prototype of a wearable keyboard that I will show in future posts!