Lessons learned building Django projects

I’ve been using Django as my go-to framework for the past few months. So far I’ve enjoyed the ride, but have learned some things that I’d like to share with you: During project setup, create a virtual environment for yourself to work in. Use the ‘pip freeze’ for creating a requirements.txt that helps you manage dependencies. Don’t use any paths within the views. Instead, use the reverse function for looking up routes that correspond to the url.

Experimenting with company activity dashboards

As an experiment, I’m collecting data from the Moves app from multiple persons within a organisation. The goal is to find out what’s possible with the amount of data the persons generate each day. Currently, the collection of data is ongoing and the next step would be the visualization of the data. Here are some simple graphs you can make with the data:

Further steps could be exploring what a group wants from visualisations like this.

Using Moves data for?

In July I wrote a little wrapper for the Moves App API. But I didn’t develop the ideas I had for it any further due to time constraints. But other projects got me into it and I wanted to share what I’m currently building. I’ve drawn the same concept of a fitbit dashboard over to a Moves Dashboard, so we can use the same data. And I’ve got some friends who come up with great ideas too!

The Curious Corner of the Internet

I’ve been walking around with a newsletter idea for some months now. It all started at Permanent Beta where I gave a talk together with my twin. Basically it wasn’t really a talk, just a roadshow of awesome stuff we come across on our daily surf on the web. The audience loved it! Why not curate this content into a newsletter? That’s just what I did with The Curious Corner of the Internet, a monthly newsletter stocked with the stuff I find during that last month.

A Jawbone API Python library

I’ve been wearing a Jawbone UP for the last few months. There are things I like about it, the app, the sleep interface and the options you have for notifications. Some other things I dislike, the 3.5mm jack for syncing for example… It’s annoying. They have it solved with the next version though.

As with all the other devices that I’ve been wearing I wanted to get the data out of it.