Sync Kindle notes and clippings to Evernote

Since I got my Kindle I started reading a lot more books and articles. And one of the nice things you can do is add notes and clip certain pieces of text. The Kindle saves all those things into a text file for easy access, but I wanted those to be searchable as well in my system.

I wrote a small python script that extracts all notes and clippings from the text file and creates a new note in Evernote for each of them. It’s quite crappy python, but at least my skills are improving a bit. You can find the source-code on this gist.

The only thing you need to do is save this python script, put the “My Clippings.txt” in the same folder and run the script with Evernote open. It will create a new Evernote-note for each note on your Kindle with the tag Kindle.

Next version will be fully sync fully automatically and remember which notes are already synchronized. Stay tuned!