Sous-vide Rice Cooker

Sous-vide food with a rice cooker

This has been on my tinker-list for around 4 years, and I’ve finally got around doing it. I made a little temperature controlled relay to my rice-cooker which enables me to use it as a sous-vide apparatus. That’s wonderful, because it’s now easier to prepare meat, and most importantly, eat 67 °C eggs. So how did I do it? I bought a really cheap PID from DealExtreme, and with some help of Martin Deen I had everything set up.

Cooking up and getting down in Chemistry

I made a small visit to Paris at the start of November and I had the opportunity to visit the Lab Store. I’ve read about the concept in a book called The Lab that I’ve bought during my first visit to San Francisco. It’s just pure luck that I come across that book in a little bookstore, but it feels like the adventure is just about to start.. While visiting the Lab Store I had to buy one of the Le Whaf’s.