Sous-vide food with a rice cooker

Fast-forward to one week ago.. I had 1 day reserved for tinkering (ship it!) and it should be done. I fetched the PID from the drawer and got to work.. Here's a little timelapse: (in better quality than Facebook)

During lunch hour, it seem to work and I rushed to the local supermarket for eggs... Look what I had for lunch:
Sous-vide eggs
And next day I threw in a large piece of meat:
Sous-vide meat, 73 degrees for 11 hours.
That meat turned out even better! Now with everything working properly I could focus on creating a nice enclosure for the device. I wanted to have something sturdy and I had some small changes for the electrical circuit. I wanted to keep on using the rice cooker for normal usage as well, so I made plan to make a device with 1 socket in and 1 socket out. This way, both could be a stand-alone device and usable for other things too! So with a bit of woodworking and electrical wire, I made an enclosure:
Now I only need to close it with a bottom plate and add Sugru feet to it. Then it's done! Let's see what other interesting recipes are available for this thing!