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For Maurice van Dinther I developed several questionnaire tools, this allowed him to get more clients.


For Nolostcapital I build a tool that lets them put out questionnaires for specific goals towards well-being and HR. The tool offers direct insights from all the results from those questionnaires, enabling organizations to quickly act. The backend service was done in Django and the front-end in Vue.


To enable target marketing towards startups and investors alike, I helped Fundsup create a single database for campaigns and meta-data for their platform.


In two weeks I created the first REST API for a chatbot service that Watermelon is offering to their clients.


Together with Colliers we created the Quantified Workplace, an experiment in which we tracked physical activity, heart-rate, computer usage, productivity and personal scores troughout the day. This data was collected in a dashboard that would enable employees to discover insights about their health and well-being during the workday.

Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties

Based on LinkedIn data, I created insights for The Ministry of the Interior. Each year over 200 trainees are joining the government and their skills can be employed more wisely and based on interest next to experience from the traineeship itself.

My work consisted out of gathering the data, visualisation and future strategy on how to match talent within the government.


For Vogsy I developed several intergrations in CRMs (Hubspot, Salesforce & Copper) and financial applications (Quickbooks, Exact & Xero). I also provided a base for a Zapier application that lets users automate things together with Vogsy.


For Sustrans in the United Kingdom I made a custom dashboard that allows people to gain insights into their own mobility based on the Moves app (now deprecated sadly!)

SETUP - Utrecht

For SETUP I contributed on several projects by building prototypes on the topics on ethics, privacy and technology.


At Part-up I helped develop the latest version of their platform based on a Vue front-end and backend with Python on AWS Lambda.

The goal of Part-up is to facilitate more flexible work trough their platform, based on recommendations & talent.