Eerst Hulp Bij Abonnementen (EHBA)

One of my first projects for learning programming and navigating around the digitale sphere was building a visualization based on transport data. As I use public transport for all travel I naturally wanted to know how I spend my money on it. This question has been popping in and out of my mind ever since and more recently I had some time to tinker again. This time I was wonder if I could recommend subscriptions based on historical data from a person.

Using Moves data for?

In July I wrote a little wrapper for the Moves App API. But I didn’t develop the ideas I had for it any further due to time constraints. But other projects got me into it and I wanted to share what I’m currently building. I’ve drawn the same concept of a fitbit dashboard over to a Moves Dashboard, so we can use the same data. And I’ve got some friends who come up with great ideas too!

A python library for the Moves App API

For Quantified Self starters I recommend the really nice Moves App. The interface is really nice and the battery drain isn’t that bad if you recharge it twice a day. They recently opened up their API enabling developers like me to create apps based on their platform. For me the first step towards creating an app is a easier way to communicate with the API. As with the fitbit, I’ve written a open-source library for you to use!


So much projects, so little time… But hey, let’s just use some of my spare time for keeping you guys updated on the stuff I do. I’ve been doing several things, but the most interesting right now is a new iPhone app concept that we’ve been developing since last month. Together with Nils Waanders and Willemijn Edens we are creating an app which helps people save water while showering. It’s called Showertrack.

The way we are building Showertrack is an excellent example on how to create something in a more freeform way, or lean if you want to call it that way. We don’t seem to have office hours or office space. We are however supported by people like Arjan Haring and Matt Wallaert. Utrecht Inc. also lends us space for creative processes.

The concept is coming along nicely, we’re done with our first wireframes, have a look below: