Eerst Hulp Bij Abonnementen (EHBA)

One of my first projects for learning programming and navigating around the digitale sphere was building a visualization based on transport data. As I use public transport for all travel I naturally wanted to know how I spend my money on it.

This question has been popping in and out of my mind ever since and more recently I had some time to tinker again. This time I was wonder if I could recommend subscriptions based on historical data from a person. And lo and behold: EHBA (eerste hulp bij abonnementen) was born!

It’s a small little app that enables you to upload your personal public transport data from different sources and then offers you insight into the past months and based on your average spending recommends the best subscription!

If you’re curious about the source-code, that’s available on Github. And if you have more suggestions or ideas, feel free to open issue there or email me at: If you are from the NS or any organization like Rover I’d love to drink a cup of coffee!