Configuring Mainsail With Zerotier

This blogpost mostly functions as a reminder to myself on how to configure Mainsail to use Zerotier. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the two, the first one is a operating system made for running a 3D printer and the second one allows for a network layer for personal computing, connecting devices over SD-WAN & VPN.

I was running Octoprint for a while, but after a tip by David from Dato I went on to explore Mainsail. Mainsail is a better way to run your printer, and it’s way faster then Octoprint. So far I’ve been running it for a week and I’m pretty happy about it! The only thing that was missing was the remote connection I had with Octoprint, made possible by Zerotier.

I couldn’t find any details on how to setup Zerotier with Mainsail, but it’s really easy:

  1. Flash Mainsail with the Raspberry Pi Imager (be sure to configure a 2.4Ghz network, as my Pi 3B+, doesn’t support the 5Ghz yet..).
  2. Follow the setup guide of Mainsail to configure your printer.
  3. Login with SSH to the Mainsail after it’s finished installing on the printer
  4. Install Zerotier on the Pi through the Linux install of Zerotier
  5. Configure Zerotier to use your network by using: sudo zerotier-cli join <network_id_here>
  6. In my case I use Cloudflare to route a subdomain to my personal Zerotier network if you also add the IP to Cloudflare you’ll need to configure moonraker.conf with a cors entry, allowing you to use a (sub)domain. You can do this my vim ~/klipper_config/moonraker.conf on the SSH connection of Mainsail and adding a CORS entry to cors_domains.

Restart the klipper/Mainsail instance and you should be good to go! (it might take a while for the DNS to resolve though!). That’s it you can now use your printer everywhere as long as it’s on!

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