The Idea Machine

Boredom is something we all experience in different ways. And the solution isn’t always that easy. You might dwell for a certain amount of time on the couch.. Or restless as you are think about thinks you might want to do, but they never seem to come up.

I think a certain part boredom is necessary to facilitate ideas and other serendipitous discoveries. However there might be times, in which you would like for the pure boredom to disappear. After talking to my girlfriend about this we wanted too see what kind of a solution we could think of. And here is the result: The Idea Machine It looks like a coffee grinder, but it is an idea machine, meant for only one purpose and only allowing one simple interaction. Instead of grinding coffee, you pull open the drawer to reveal a print-out of and idea.

The way it works is simple, there’s a Raspberry Pi hooked up to the local network offering an interface that allows you to input ideas. Furthermore, a little thermal printer prints out an idea once you pull open the drawer.

That’s all there is to it, now onto adventures!