Moon phases and sleep patterns

Even before I got a Zeo, I was wondering if the phases of the moon are of influence of my sleep quality. With the Zeo that offers an API, I finally had a chance to investigate. As it turns out after four months of experimenting: the phase of the moon doesn’t have any influence on my sleep quality or the time it takes to fall asleep. I’ve been building my own interface for the Zeo, because the flash based website doesn’t suit my needs, here’s a small screenshot:

First nights with the Zeo sleep monitor

During the QS Conference the awesome guys from Zeo gifted me one of their sleep monitors. And 1 week ago it arrived by mail. I promised to create as much value in return if I liked the Zeo.¬†And I do, I absolutely do. Here is why: As an average person sleep 8 hours a day you spend 13 of your life lying in bed… That’s a lot of time spend.

My method for improving dream recall

On average, a human spends one third (8 hours) of it’s time sleeping. That’s a lot and one of the reasons I decided to dip my interest into dreaming and dream recall.

With trial and error, I’ve made a modified version of the WILD (( method that works for me with a success-rate of about 80% for dream recall, no lucid state yet. So here is how it works: