On solving annoying things

The dutch government and other (bigger) organisations seem to have a habit to annoy people. One of the reasons they do so is security by obscurity. It has it’s flaw as shown in this blogpost by @levelsio. He wrote a little script that fetches and forwards all the email, which everyone can do after loggin in with DigiD. As shown, this takes a lot of steps. Automating it can be done with less then 50 lines of code.

Sync Kindle notes and clippings to Evernote

Since I got my Kindle I started reading a lot more books and articles. And one of the nice things you can do is add notes and clip certain pieces of text. The Kindle saves all those things into a text file for easy access, but I wanted those to be searchable as well in my system. I wrote a small python script that extracts all notes and clippings from the text file and creates a new note in Evernote for each of them.