iPhone XS NFC Shortcuts

I’ve recently gotten a new iPhone and with it some more stuff to tinker with. And one of those things is the ability to read NFC tags natively. Following the rabbit hole I ended up ordering a NFC reader. Albeit a simple one, it turns out it is flexible enought to read most cards and write some as well (and more if you have some time to spend..) Anyhow, one of the ideas I wanted to work out was the action of turning on an alarm automatically when touching a tag.

Quantified Phone Usage with iPython

Technology is making it easier to collect data, for example phone usage. From the 1st of January I tracked how much I’ve used my phone by installing an app called Moment. It runs in the background and silently tracks how much you use your phone. As said, the first step towards behaviour-change is providing insight in current behaviour. Lately I’ve been exploring iPython for data-analysis and sharing snippets of data. I’ve started a Github repository that contains some notebooks I’m working on.


So much projects, so little time… But hey, let’s just use some of my spare time for keeping you guys updated on the stuff I do. I’ve been doing several things, but the most interesting right now is a new iPhone app concept that we’ve been developing since last month. Together with Nils Waanders and Willemijn Edens we are creating an app which helps people save water while showering. It’s called Showertrack.