Micropython LCD menu: upymenu

I’ve published my first library to PyPi! It is a simple utility function you can use in micropython to build menus for LCD displays. I was used to the Liquid Crystal and Liquid Menu while developing on an Arduino. When I made the switch towards micropython I saw no such thing existed. But having a statemachine like menu is quite easy in Python and I wanted to abstract it a bit into a library, this way it is easier to use for other people!

My setup for Python projects

Inspired by a few blogs that I follow I wanted to share my current setup for Python projects that I use personally. This setup might vary based on clients that I have, but for my own projects this is what I mostly use: iTerm, zsh & oh-my-zsh with my own coloured theme. VSCode, with the following plugins: Python for VSCode autopep8 Bracket pair colorizer 2 Indent rainbow Git Lens Virtualenv (with virtualenvwrapper) All environments are saved in the ~/.

Lessons learned building Django projects

I’ve been using Django as my go-to framework for the past few months. So far I’ve enjoyed the ride, but have learned some things that I’d like to share with you: During project setup, create a virtual environment for yourself to work in. Use the ‘pip freeze’ for creating a requirements.txt that helps you manage dependencies. Don’t use any paths within the views. Instead, use the reverse function for looking up routes that correspond to the url.