Automating my brewery (Part 2)

In the first part, I looked at the frame/enclosure for everything that we need to automate my own brewery. In this part I wanted to show which parts are on the inside based functionality. but first a picture of the enclosure while it’s being build: The enclosure contains the following things: Backside: 230V IN: Voltage in, the main power supply for all devices in the enclosure 230V OUT: Switched by the solid state relay based on the PID algorithm RJ12 Female connecter: Input for the temperature sensor that is used by the PID algorithm as input Frontside: Traffic-light interface: lights to indicate what is on.

Automating my brewery (Part 1)

As an avid home-brewer I own a setup that I use for testing out recipes and recreating my favorite beers with my own twist. Over the last years, my gear has improved a bit and one of my main projects is automating my own brewery. I wanted to document this, so maybe other people could use this as well. My brewing system consists of a Brew in a Bag (BIAB) system, build on a modified Weck-kettle.