Reading Workflows for Calibre

I’ve been reading books on my Kindle for a years and I’ve never really had a pretty workflow for it, all the books just simply end up in Calibre and I manually sync my library with the device itself. Lately I’ve spend some time automating the process a bit and I wanted to share that with you! I’ve been using plugins that solve things for me:

Once you mark a book as read on Goodreads the ‘Date Read’ column is automatically updated with todays date. Which is pretty awesome, since it saves me updating the date seperately. It will also move it to the read bookshelf on Goodreads, which is nice.

Calibre automation to automate the date-read column

As for the highlights, I’ve been using the Kindle Highlights plugin in Obsidian to sync the highlights, but it’s still not linked back to original epub. It might be nice to have relative links since the location of the original epub might change over time. Aliases (or symlinks don’t work most of the time) with software I’ve been using.

Just to get an idea on how much pages I read, it doesn’t pull it correctly for all the books, but the more I can automate the better! And it’s nice to have a additional statistic :)

Since I’m reading mostly science fiction its easy to lose track on which part of a series I’m at. This extension makes it easy to group books together with a nice interface.

I haven’t played with this plugin yet, but it seems a promising method of chaining actions. When syncing ebooks to my Kindle I’m often required to convert them. It would be nice to automate it into a chain and then sync only the last 100 books, removing the ones that I’ve read. Ah well, more then enough space to explore!

Do you have any favorite Calibre plugins? Feel free to share them with me!