Creating an Obsidian Clipper

As you might have distilled from previous post I am an avid user of Obsidian. The application is under heavy development and their plugin API is not ready yet. Not wanting to wait, I set out to develop some scripts. In this post I wanted to share my latest project on an idea that is strongly connected to this as well.

Previously I used Evernote and often I would clip things from the web. With Obsidian this wasn’t possible. I’ve been using Quotebacks for getting clips into markdown and pasting them into Obsidian. But the longer I did that the more cumbersome it looked to me.

Thus I set out to develop a webclipper for Obsidian! One of the first things I came across is that a Chrome extension is not able to open obsidian:// protocols (or any other than http(s)://), so I had to find a workaround for that. And I did, woohoo! I would redirect to a static page which would fetch data out of the url parameters and that page would open Obsidian for me!

Without further ado, here’s a quick screencast:

Demo screencast of the Obsidian Clipper

All the code and install manual is on Github. This little project even has it own landing page!