Designing a Pi camera mount for the Prusa Mini

Since a month I own a small 3D printer: the Prusa Mini. I’ve printed almost half my current spool of filament and I can say I love the way the Prusa Mini works for me. Once of the upgrades I have done is move towards Octoprint for my workflow, this allows me to connect everything together from my own computer. Here’s how it works:

  1. I design a component or body with Fusion 360, and in the ‘Make’ menu option I choose to pass the file to the Prusa Slicer application
  2. In Prusa Slicer I configure any supports required or tweak any print settings. I then slice the code and send it towards Octoprint.
  3. Octoprint shows the file and let’s me print directly the gcode file directly. Without moving any USB disk around I can start my print, straight from design to reality.

Octoprint does offer more functionality and one of them is the ability to add a camera to not only create timelapses, but also monitor the print itself. For other printers there are more than enough mounts for cameras. But one for the Prusa Mini was missing. This was an opportunity for me to design one:

Prusa Mini Camera Mount design

With the workflow above it took about half a day to go from design to a physical object that is now on my Prusa Mini:

Prusa Mini Camera Mount printed

I’ve added the Prusa Mini camera mount on my Thingiverse account so other people can also use this! It’s awesome to think about something, design it, print it and see it working! In the future I hope to share more 3D printed things that might be useful!