Making and Fixing Things

I bougth a 3D printer together with my brother. It’s not new technology, but it’s at a place where it’s solid and developed enough that I chose to buy one. That way I can spend my time with one as efficiently as possible, while developing new skills!

As for what you can do with it? Fixing stuff for example, a custom bracket that broke in one of my kitchen appliances is now easily fixable by measuring the broken part en replicating it in 3D software like Fusion360.

Configuring the printer and slicing the 3D model takes a little bit of time, but then you’re off to the races!

In the mean time I’ve been drawing up some improvements for the 3D printer itself as well! My brother had an idea about a custom lighting fixture that can be mounted just below the filament carrier, that way you can have sufficient lighting when working with the printer.

So right now the thing we can print are limited by our skills with 3D designing and what the printer is can do, but both are increasing with time! I have some other ideas i’d like to work on, for example custom knobs for a synthesizer or for custom brackets for mounting wires in projects that use makerbeams. Stay tuned for more updates!

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