Brewing beer in a modified kettle

It took me a while, but I managed to write this post about the thing I’ve been spending some time on in the last few months: brewing beer. I started collecting things for my own setup a while ago and took the plunge to buy a kettle: A modified kettle for brewing beer

For now the temperature will be manually controlled, and I will be stirring for a while, but I’m slowly working towards and enclosure that covers the pump and a PID for temperature control. For the brewing method I use the brew-in-a-bag system, which lets me easily get out all the malts, but the filtering proces ain’t perfect yet.

The first beer I’ve brewed in the new kettle is a saison, 17L effective volume and just before bottling it had an alcohol percentage of 7,30%. During this first run the filtering didn’t go trough properly and the small tap on the front of the kettle turned out to be leaking (luckily I figured this out while I still only had water in the kettle.)

So more updates shortly on the brewing proces!