Fixing (LinkedIn) interfaces with Chrome plugins

Online services tend to change their functionality or interaction. Sometimes in a good way, other times in a bad way. Most recently LinkedIn made a little change in the way accepting (and replying to) invites works. I personally use LinkedIn as a address book and leave it alone at times, never inviting people but combing trough the invites. I used to reply with a text-expander snippet too see if a connection is valuable, but this seemed to be impossible lately.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one and Martijn actually wrote a bigger post on the problem. Ofcourse asking LinkedIn is the best way of complaining, but fixing it probably would take them a long time (if they decide to!). So I made a little chrome plugin that easily opens up to 10 new tabs all with a conversation without navigating through hovers and popups.

The plugin is seriously alpha software and way to loose configured, but I put it up on Github so anyone can use it! _Disclaimer: I provide no support at all, if you still want it, find someone who can help you! _