Data and reflections about 2015

Another year passed an I’m due to update my projects page and create another one for next year! To close past year and explore the next I’ve used YearCompass for my reflections. It took me over 3 afternoons to completely fill it out, but it’s an enjoyable ride! It’s great looking backwards into your calendar and see all that you have achieved.

I’ve also concatenated all my 8:36pm photos into a video like I do every year. Sadly during some time this year, my phone broke down more often and I’ve left it on the table too much to my liking… Next year will be better, I promise! Here’s the video:

Also, I’ve been running the Moment app for a year. Using the same analysis in a previous post, I can now say having a new phone increased my usage in the past three months. I’m spending 76 minutes on average per day behind my phone… And that’s a bit too much in my opinion. I’m aiming to decrease it in the next year! Here are the distributions per month and weekday:


I’ve also been tracking the things I’ve done with iDonethis and have collected a year full of data, more on that soon! It’s a collected archive of both personal and work related things… I like the way of simply logging data via email. But lately I’ve been slacking and not answering that many, batching them all at once for a week (and I’m not sure that’s the right thing..). I like how their email is stocked up with reflections though, seeing what I’ve done a year ago.