Quantified Phone Usage with iPython

Technology is making it easier to collect data, for example phone usage. From the 1st of January I tracked how much I’ve used my phone by installing an app called Moment. It runs in the background and silently tracks how much you use your phone. As said, the first step towards behaviour-change is providing insight in current behaviour.

Lately I’ve been exploring iPython for data-analysis and sharing snippets of data. I’ve started a Github repository that contains some notebooks I’m working on.

I’d like iPython notebooks for their portability and it makes it easy to document code along with mark-down. It’s somewhere in between a ‘gist’ and a full github repository. I’ve created a special post-template within Wordpress that should make it easy to share more notebooks, so you should be expecting more to pop up when I tend to share code!

Regarding changing behaviour, I think creating this analysis made me aware that I spend over 1 hour everyday behind my phone, that’s a lot. Including quantifying sleep and computer time, I do think it’s possible to create quite a good framework of my days. Such a framework can be the first steps towards a method for personal behaviour change…