The Metabiography, written in the cloud

Last month, most of my time was spend on a project for Yuri Veerman & Elsbeth Fraanje, who are part of the Quantified Reality project by het Mediafonds & the Sandberg Institute. Elsbeth and Yuri are exploring the possiblities of (auto)generating a biography from somebody’s meta-data and created the the aptly named Metabiography.

I was asked by Yuri & Elsbeth to build a working prototype For now, it’s in pre-beta phase, but below is a screenshot how it could look like. And functions are still changing around as Yuri & Eslbeth tinker on the concept.


The idea of something written by algorithms is very interesting to me. Especially if you could tinker with probabilities and variables that make up sentences, sentiment and structure of a story. Could a narrative been created by an algorithm? If scientific papers are, I’m sure making a meta-biography should be possible too!

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