Thought Kinetics at Coded Matters: Extended Senses

Last sunday my brother and I had an exhibition with Thought Kinetics and artist-talk at Coded Matters: Extended Senses. We showed our static prototype exploring the visualization of datasets that are collect and visualized in a static way. This is our first step towards a more realtime system where we can use any data and visualize it on a canvas in an abstract way.

Thought Kinetics Artist Talk

We also gave a talk about our process how we got from a prototype towards a more solid system that uses Node.JS and Unity (for now) for transforming data into visuals. At the end, Jarl asked us about our vision on privacy and design, and we both share an interesting but exploratory look on the future. The fine balance between dystopian and utopian views is one of my main viewpoints on the use of data.

My brother and I are aiming for a functioning system within 6 months and we hope to showcase it at more events at that time. If you want some experimental data-crunching and visualization, let us know!