Startup Weekend Utrecht

Last weekend I participated in Startup Weekend Utrecht. At almost 100 attendees, we’ve got the 8th floor of the Nijenoord building pretty stocked.

As I predicted, I got an idea during the pitching process. Luckily I was able to pitch it anyhow and after the voting procedure the announcement was made that I made it to the top 13 viable ideas. So now I had to go and create a team! However, organising a team around my idea failed (too bad, reason: to complex for a startup weekend)

Too bad, but next morning I could join a team working on a solution for exercise/gym subscription problems.

Within a day, PopUp Bootcamp was born. The startup is a services that disrupts gyms and their memberships. We offer a platform that enables trainers to create and manage excercise events. Consumers then can find local groups and exercise with a pay as you go model.

At the end of the weekend, we’ve succesfully build a working prototype, validated our idea with customers on both ends (consumers and trainers) and solidified our businessmodel. We pitched the idea and suprisingly won the prize for the most social startup!

We’ll get back together with the team again and decide how we will continue our journey! Summing up, I’ve had a fun time at Startup Weekend!