Storify as slides for talks

I like Storify, a service that lets you curate your own story based from sources like Twitter, Facebook or other social networks. And sometimes I wonder what would happen if you let people curate it live on a beamer during festivals or want to use it for public talks… Then the website isn’t that handy or slide-enabled.

But it shouldn’t be that hard to extract all data from Storify and glue everything together into a slide-ready format right? With that idea in mind, I whipped up a quick little app on OpenShift provided by RedHat. Within 3 hours I connected the timeline from Verite to Storify and Storify to Timeline was born:

Be aware, there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out, however as it’s just a quick hack, I’m not sure if I’m finishing it. If you are a developer from Verite or Storify, let me know and I’ll provide you with the full source-code of my work! And if you’ve found a bug let me know in the comments!

Known bugs and ideas (input driven development, no humans were harmed during testing):

  • Wrong title on timeline view (easy fix)
  • Timeline sorts on day, not specific time
  • Use to shorten share url