Going interactive!

Some of you may have noticed it already, but from now on, I’m available as freelancer! I’ve made the last step towards it two weeks ago and I’m now registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Most of the projects are covered with this. And one of them is an interactive showcase for the Freemote festival in Utrecht in the beginning of December.

Together with my brother we are building a hybrid manifestation of visualizing brainwaves and other personal metrics. We combine our knowledge about programming, interfaces, visuals and self-quantification. Our project is called ‘hoofdbeelden’ which means: ‘head images’. In the future I’m hoping to extend this visual project to include more metric about a person, including sociale network analysis and realtime streaming of heartrates or other bodily things you can measure.

In the mean time enjoy our first image as a teaser produced at the ‘Premote’ event: