First nights with the Zeo sleep monitor

During the QS Conference the awesome guys from Zeo gifted me one of their sleep monitors. And 1 week ago it arrived by mail. I promised to create as much value in return if I liked the Zeo. And I do, I absolutely do. Here is why:

As an average person sleep 8 hours a day you spend 1/3 of your life lying in bed… That’s a lot of time spend. The Zeo provides me with a much detailed insight into how my sleep and dreams progress during the night. My sleep is quite good, but I could never figure out how many times I awoke during the night or how much rem-sleep I got, but now I do.

The Zeo Sleep System used for tracking sleep

Even more awesome: they have an open API where you can find all your data and even provide a short manual for hacking the device into real-time data processing as well. This is exactly why I wrote the data-portability post on the main QS blog. These options give the users the power to create their own reports and run their own analytics. I can’t wait for some free time to explore this as I want to share some of my data.

Loaded with self-tracking stuff right now… I got my social stream mapped and now turning into body analytics and maybe even back to GPS-tracking. Most likely that I end up as a cyborg in the following years, we will see..