San Francisco 2011 & #QS2011

Joost @ Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco On the 25th of may my trip started with a 11 hour long flight straight to San Francisco to visit the Quantified Self Conference in Mountain View. The trip was funded by donations, ideas and people.

Together with Martijn Aslander I’ve spent the first few days as a tourist and visited most of the spots that represent San Francisco. Then we boarded the Caltrain for Mountain View.

I volunteered at the the conference which brought me way more then being just there as a guest. I met a lot of wonderful and amazing people that would understand your point of view and knowledge about the Quantified Self. I may write a separate blogpost about the conference but there are great writeups by other people.

The day after the conference we took a short tour past Apple, Google & LinkedIn, took the Caltrain back and explored the center of San Francisco, ending with a diner at the Top of the Mark, a magnificent view!

Tuesday we visited Berkeley, to visit Gary Wolf and spend some time shopping for gadgets that had been on our wishlist. We had our last dinner in SF together with Eva Rijser who arranged space for us during the first two days.

And on wednesday we had a quick breakfast before taking the BART to the airport once again. Jetlag got me once, but luckily the recovery went quite well.

In summary: I loved San Francisco! And a big thank you to all the people that made this trip possible! I’m gonna build somekind of report just like Nicholas Felton did but just about the visit to the US.