So what am I tracking?

I’ll figured out to publish this, not only for my archives, but also to share some insight into the data that a person could generate. Have a look at the things I’m tracking to function as an archive or feedback loop. If I have some more time, I’ll explain the things I use to make this all possible.

  • Distance travelled (which cities did I visit?)
  • Which people do I meet everyday?
  • What projects did I work on? And how much time?
  • How much work got done? (productivity, scale 1-10)
  • How do I physically and mentally? (1-10 scale for both)
  • Top 5 of nice and bad things that happend today
  • General rate of the day (1-10 scale)
  • How much coffee, tea, water etc did I drink (no other food tracking yet)
  • Did I exercise? Is the activity logged by Runkeeper? (speed & GPS)
  • Dreams (not quite everyday but interesting as I’m exploring lucid dreaming)
  • How many hours did I sleep (and how well rested am I each morning?)
  • Take a picture everyday at 8:36pm
  • Daily photo of myself with the Everyday App
  • Reading patterns (mashup through Read It Later list)
  • Software usage with Rescue Time & Wakoopa
  • Casually I track my mouse patterns with MacLogger
  • Lifelapses (only on special events)

In addition there are other data-stream which can be used for data collection:

  • Twitter/facebook updates, these contain a lot of useful data, but also much noise
  • Foursquare (really nice to have an archive!)
  • OV-chipkaart (used for public transport in The Netherlands much like the Oyster-card)
  • Payment transactions (Not able yet to transform this to any useful information, but should be shortly)
  • Calendar (not used, but lots of information in it!)
  • Blogposts or other online material like photos with EXIF-data.\
  • Email (text-analysis, mail-count, etc. can be a nice set of data)

And I tried some temporary things to explore, but are discontinued because it takes too much time or effort:

  • 750words (I’m not a writer, but a data person)
  • GPS-broadcasting (every 3 minutes, including a live update header that shows my location on my blog)

Things I still would like to try but are to expensive for me at the moment of writing.

  • Zeo (analyzing sleep together with my dream journal)
  • FitBit to get some activity patterns
  • Get my genome analyzed by 23andme

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