Trip to Brussels

This week I travelled to Brussels so I could give a talk at the Quantified Self Meetup group there. And I’ve been involved in the startup Scanadu which is about broadcasting your health. Together with people like Walter de Brouwer and Misha Chellam we are going to take a different approach to health. During my stay in Brussels I’ve learned a lot (including my level of French, it’s really bad!). Really liked the city though!

So onto the Quantified Self Brussels meetup: My talk was about my own small experiments like the mouse patterns and data-portability(which is an important issue). The other talks are listed on the meetup group. I taped the talks, but sadly only 2 are sufficient quality: the talks from Candide Kemmler and Ben Senior.

I’ll upload them later this week when my brother has some time to make a leader for both video’s. I really enjoyed taking the stage about a familiar subject with an interested public and got some great compliments about my talk because english isn’t my native language. Also great drinks and discussions afterwards! I’ve made a Lifelapse which I should upload as well.

I really liked the trip to Brussels! And a big thanks for Misha for having a place to stay for me!