Dabblings in Processing

The collected data of 2010, mostly trough PersonalStats, but Foursquare and Twitter too, is a huge amount. Next to interpreting this data and using the information to create a feedback moment, the data can also turned into art. Nicholas Felton makes a perfect example: his highly interesting Annual Report fascinates me in both visual and informational ways.

As Kees discovered Processing, it left me wondering what I could do with it. Just before 2011 I decided to make a Annual Report with Processing as my weapon of choice.

Somehow, knowing Python made it easier for me to learn the basics of Processing, within moments I understood how Processing worked. The most beautiful thing I produced so far with about 2 hours of my time:

Note: In case you did not notice, I try to write my articles in E-prime from now on as an experiment, let me know if you catch any errors on my part!

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