2010, A summary

— title: 2010, A summary date: 2010-12-31 12:16:04.000000000 +01:00 —

This year passed with an excellent speed, not to quick, but certainly not slowly. I think pictures say more then words so I would like to share with you every picture I took at 8:36pm during 2010:

(Huge thanks to my brother Kees who was so kind to make a video of it!)

Not only did I finish my bachelor degree this year, but I also started Qs Amsterdam and some other interesting projects. I’ll try to deliver even more effort and create more achievements into 2011!

During 2010 I have collected way more data that i’m currently shaping into a Annual Report just like Nicholas Feltron does. It should be less artistic but full of interesting bits! I’m building it in Processing, which I just started to learn 4 days ago. Keep an eye on this blog or follow me on Twitter when the report is finished!