Why shoot a photo at 8:36pm?

On the second of January 2010 I started shooting a picture everyday at 8:36pm, inspired by Buster Benson. Curiosity brought me into it, and if people asked me why I often could not give a sufficient answer. As if it were a form of art.

But now I often wonder about history… How people lived and how further back you go, the less we remember or can find. Technology nowadays could help us bring a more complete image to our future. That’s why I am shooting a picture everyday: to bring current history to a more complete image in the future.

Joining is as simple as creating a alarm on your phone and be sure to carry it around everyday. If you want to help creating a bigger picture of history, including ordinary moments, feel free to join! (sharing the pictures trough flickr or another service is not neccesary, but appreciated!)