Sync Kindle notes and clippings to Evernote

Since I got my Kindle I started reading a lot more books and articles. And one of the nice things you can do is add notes and clip certain pieces of text. The Kindle saves all those things into a text file for easy access, but I wanted those to be searchable as well in my system. I wrote a small python script that extracts all notes and clippings from the text file and creates a new note in Evernote for each of them.

First nights with the Zeo sleep monitor

During the QS Conference the awesome guys from Zeo gifted me one of their sleep monitors. And 1 week ago it arrived by mail. I promised to create as much value in return if I liked the Zeo. And I do, I absolutely do. Here is why: As an average person sleep 8 hours a day you spend 13 of your life lying in bed… That’s a lot of time spend.

My effort for a better readinglist

I love the Read It Later List service. Each day I save about 20-30 articles from Google Reader or my Twitter client so I can read them later. However, these amounts make it hard for me to process all the things I save. That’s why I need a readinglist that has additional filtering/speed/shortcuts. As my endeavors with Python continue, for the last few months I’ve been developing my own version of the perfect readinglist build upon the API of Read It Later List.

My method for improving dream recall

On average, a human spends one third (8 hours) of it’s time sleeping. That’s a lot and one of the reasons I decided to dip my interest into dreaming and dream recall.

With trial and error, I’ve made a modified version of the WILD (( method that works for me with a success-rate of about 80% for dream recall, no lucid state yet. So here is how it works: HUGOMORE42 Determine the amount of sleep you want to get (preferring a multiple of 1.

Co-creatie van Slimmerkunde

Het begon in het voorjaar toen Tjeu het idee over slimmerkunde mee nam naar Seats 2 Meet in Utrecht. In de zomer werd het via de basecamp van verder opgepakt en besloot ik ook mee te helpen. Mijn bescheiden bijdrage werd meegenomen en ik werd uitgenodigd om een dag naar Den Bosch te komen om te komen werken aan slimmerkunde. In november werd de tekst in een mooi jasje gegoten en had Bas de filmpjes gereed gemaakt.