Joost Plattel

Data-strategist, Founder & Speaker.


Hi! I'm Joost Plattel, a data strategist, founder and speaker.

I like to do experiments and explore technological boundaries. When I'm not gathering information and data, I like to saunter to empty my mind.

I give talks about the Quantified Self and code open-source software and data visualisations and dashboards. I run a startup called which focuses on personal analytics at work.

Other interests of mine including 3D printing, electronics, science fiction, singularity, transhumanism, biotechnology and fermentation processes.

Interested in what kind of projects I'm working on other than the Quantified Self or which companies have hired me? Have a look at my more recent projects.

If you have something that would be interesting to me or if you want to share something, you should drink a cup of delicious coffee with me!