Joost Plattel

Data-strategist, Founder & Speaker.

Hi!, I’m Joost Plattel, a data-strategist. I help organizations and individuals develop strategies for data-related questions and opportunities. I create experimental models, data visualizations and dashboards based on feedback-loops and experiences. The questions I try to answer are:

How do we use all the data generated every second? How do we turn it into information, to knowledge and finally wisdom?

I'm often asked to give lectures and talks about data, experiments, ethics and difficult or weird questions to make people think. If you're interested:

I’m the founder of a little startup called, a dashboard for companies to gather insights into the health of employees and create a culture around well-being. And I run a monthly newsletter curated with curious corners from the internet, you can signup below:

Otherwise I'm spending my time longboarding, brewing beer, reading science fiction, long-distance-walking or helping out as a cardinal.